Non Invasive Ventilation

Basic Concepts

  • Who needs NIV and why: getting the indications right
  • Settings & Troubleshooting of NIV

Acute Settings: Evidence, Settings & Monitoring

  • NIV in acute exacerbation of COPD- Stop the
  • NIV in weaning patients from Mechanical Ventilator in COPD- Wean me gently
  • NIV in immunocompromised & patients undergoing Organ transplant in ARF - Macrophage in crisis
  • Treatment of cardiogenic pulmonary oedema with CPAP- A life saved is family saved.

Chronic Settings: Evidence, Settings & Monitoring

  • NIV in stable hypercapnic COPD; Adding life to years
  • NIV in NMD : Breath of Life

 Hands on Workshop Dr Ashwini/ Dr Vikram/ Dr Bose/ Dr Rohit

  • Ventilators used for NIV- modes, settings & monitoring
  • Interfaces used for NIV- full face, nasal, pillow& helmet

Certificate Course on Respiratory Therapy

  • When to use NIV and goals of NIV
  • Basics of device- Settings/ Modes
  • How to initiate, titrate & monitor -NIV
  • Maintaining devices – In hospital and home
  • Transporting Patients
  • Hands on
    • Device
    • Interface

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