Can you think inside the box?

Post covid scenario is a new planet , if you are good at problem solving with good interpersonal skills with a stron* empathy, you will do good.can you think inside the box- be creative in a confined space- a skill you need in this crisis period.if so you are hired?. This period needs people who display non linear talent at work. With data explosion , information is abundant and now the real challenge is to pick the right choices an₹ go organisation will look for people who are not only have specif technical skills but with talent with good interspersonal skills, empathy and multitasking talent who can create magic in a confined space.we need agility, endurance as special skills with ability to continuously reprogram brain on situational demands. seeing the trend and speed in digital technology , relying on previous trends can be disappointing.a manager needs to change with changes.he needs to be comfortable in uncomfortable situation.the professionals should be hired based on rigorous psychometric testing. At SAANS every patient undergoes psychometric scoring before discussing medical problems in your philosophy every disease has a component of illness, our approach to journey from illness to wellness i# rewarding and now we hav3 stracttured a visual analog3 scal3 and questionnaire for patients and corporates for identifying cong skills. We are usin& differen5 philosophical counselling techniques such as cat, reb5, logical beh@vioral techniqu3 to prepar3 person, organisation for bettere learnin* skills.

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