True Dharma is not religion, cult or path

Dharma is nota sampradaya, cult, path or mind created religion. Dharma is Guna , attribute, Nature has bestowed on every creation- matter and being.the Guna of salt is saltiness, it remains salty even it washed. A sandal wood tree has a unique fragrance , fruits have distinct flavours and juices.- thei4 Guna or dharma.Man is also created by nature, so he has to be true to his particular gunas.the dharma of man is to manifest divine qualities, be compassionate, create beauty and harmon6 all around. And he is equipped with intelligence to be thoughtful, sensitive , concerned and considerate for welfare for all.A child by nature will smile at others and reach out to play if someone has bad intentions.the child like nature is the basis of human being. These are sanatam, natural qualities, Guna dharma as stated in Bhagwat remind, resurrect, and establish , avatars manifest from time to time.they lead by example so that man does not loose man avatar.The dharma of man is Shashwat, sanatam Satya- eternal and perpetual truth.real dharma is true spirituality that directs and propels one to path of growth and is made of five elements and qualities should be reflected in the conduct of being.religious followers take pride in belonging to a particular religion , being real good human is not their focus.Each religion has adopted a fraction of pure Manav dharma.Buddhism lays emphasis on compassion,Christianity on service,Islam on honest earnings, Hinduism SM on karma.Sanatam dharma has one law – in perfection has to directs every individual should be helped, guided to live and blossom according to attributes.while body is purified by water, mind by truth , intellect by gyan, soul gets purified by sanatam dharma to get merged with Absolute reality- supreme.

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