“Go back wards to go forwards”

There is huge learning from this covid pandemics. Throughout the human history , there have been number of pandemics such as small pox, tuberculosis and Spanish flu.The most fatal pandemic in
history is Black Death ( plaque) which killed approx 200 million people in 14 the century. Current pandemic covid 19, SAARS-CoV-2 is another new addition to the list of dreadful .Repeated pandemics
taught us lessons but human mind has short lived memory. Let’s learn from our past and work on few basic rules to save mankind and this planet. A well oiled body, good sunshine, good sleep and
breathing exercises with a regular aerobic exercises are the key to enhance your immune system.We have to nurture biodiversity to save planet to balance the ecosystem. A green environment reduces
free radical injury and oxygen enriching.Pandemics almost always begin with the transmission of an animal microbe .Wildlife, and our increasing proximity to wildlife, is the most common source.The vast
majority of animals involved in historic zoonotic events or current zoonosis are domestic (livestock, (livestock, domesticated wildlife and pets) Let’s pledge to Minimise killing of animals .A stressful
animal is weak and a weak system is virus friendly.Let’s work harder and be kind to harmonise the three pillars of saving the mankind. Be kind to yourself ,be kind to nature and be kind to animals


Go back ward to go forward

Covid taught us a lesson

Going backward is the wise way

to go forward in all seasons

Why get scared

“Learn to fight

Remember this is the decade of

A immune body is wholesome

So we need a Little little dose of

That will take us to that level

Fight with your mind

Mind then body

A body which needs

Firming , toning and sun shine

Be healthy and wise

Our learned wisdom from wise

Mind body and soul

A 360 degree wellness wheel for all

No wonder,Breath is your true soul

So Raise your bar


“Breathe Better

Relax proper

Exhale more

Be Aware of your thoughts

Live a frugal lifeEat simple,
sleep betterLive a life of
wiseDeep beneath the
rolling wavesLies
serenityDeep inside our
mindMemories thatWe
have left behindWhisper us
goodbye.Let’s go ahead,
Why cry.will stand still,and
still try Remember Past will
guide us the rest Learn from
past and read our
vastGreatest of health lived
in Breath and restLet us all
raise the toast For our new
journey For quest

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